Vilnius Airport Joins Forces with the Malteser Team to Help the Person with Disabilities

Vilnius Airport joins forces with the Malteser team to help the person with disabilitiesThe Order of Malta Relief Organisation providing the transportation service for the disabled “Let’s go” has also started its activities in the area of Vilnius Airport. Therefore, it will be even easier for persons with reduced mobility to travel abroad, informed BC airport’s press service.

The organisation’s vehicles will conveniently transport the disabled to the passenger terminal which is equipped with three aid call buttons. From there persons with reduced mobility may call the staff from a ground handling company who will help to complete all the necessary airport procedures and even accompany to the seat on board.

“Our aim is to ensure that all our passengers feel as comfortable as possible at the airport. We pay exceptional attention to the disabled and persons with reduced mobility; we try to ensure their convenient use of the whole available infrastructure. Our cooperation with the Malteser team will be a significant contribution and grant these passengers an opportunity to travel without additional troubles and considerations how to reach the airport and the aircraft itself easily,” said Artūras Stankevičius, head of Vilnius Airport.

The Order of Malta Relief Organisation introduced the transportation service for the disabled “Let’s go” last year. A special vehicle may be used by up to 4-5 disabled persons in wheelchairs. The service is also available for people with vision disabilities. Starting from November last year the Malteser organisation can also provide a transportation service to bed-confined people by a vehicle adapted for that matter. “Let’s go” services are available upon advance registration.

“We are delighted that, in partnership with Vilnius Airport, we will have a chance to provide the transportation service to a significantly higher number of the disabled. In this specialized field we draw experience from our colleagues, German Malteser organisation Malteser Hilfsdienst, which is far more advanced in the area of transportation of the disabled. They have as many as 2 thousand specially-equipped vehicles driving over 50 million kilometers per year. In cooperation with Vilnius Airport, we will try to ensure that disability does not become a huge burden disrupting the person’s social relations,” said Eitvydas Bingelis, Secretary General of the Order of Malta Relief Organisation.

Vilnius Airport ensures a priority right in completing the check-in and aviation security screening procedures to the disabled. The airport infrastructure, such as elevators, WC, is also designed to meet their needs. Special maps which will help the disabled to choose the nearest and most convenient way to the required location at the airport are currently underway.


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