When the Royal Cripples Hospital Became the Royal Orthopaedic We Didn’t Bin Our Sticks

When the Royal Cripples hospital became the Royal Orthopaedic we didn’t bin our sticksWhen I was a lad I, together with other sufferers from various disabilities and deformities, attended the Royal Cripples hospital here in Birmingham (When Crossword clues clash with the Guardian style guide, 27 July). At some juncture in the 1970s the name was changed to the Royal Orthopaedic hospital. How we rejoiced, we rose from our beds and walked, we binned our sticks and crutches. No, we didn’t, it made not the slightest difference to us but it no doubt pleased some obscure NHS official who felt he had achieved something towards alleviating suffering (no doubt at some expense in changing noticeboards and letter headings). All the style guides in the world don’t help sufferers, they only make bystanders feel better.

Source: theguardian

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