Wheel Chair Cricket Tournament and Musical Night by Estanara Group

On Saturday 29th of August 2015, Estanara Group- ARCP organized a wheel chair cricket tournament and a musical night for persons with disabilities at KMC Sports Complex, Kashmir Road Karachi.


There were 8 teams invited to participate in the tournament from various cities of Pakistan. A day before this event all participants were welcomed and were provided with suitable accommodation with all basic needs required. Saturday morning the teams were transferred to the KMC sports complex for the tournament on a special vehicle arrange by the organizers. The teams did a short survey of the playground and pitch along with our coordinators on duty, colorful shirts were distributed among the teams, each color representing their city and organization. The captains from each team gathered and planned a strategy for the tournament and also decided the number of overs to be played.IMG_0248 IMG_0264

  1. Mobin Uddin CEO of Estanara Group was present at the opening ceremony to motivate the teams, though he had just recovered from severe illness and still facing some complications in his health. The 8 teams were given the schedule and orders for their matches, the teams were:
  2. Multan
  3. Mirpurkhas
  4. D. G Khan
  5. Baluchistan
  6. Karachi – ARCP
  7. Karachi- Estanara
  8. Karachi- DWA
  9. Hyderabad

IMG_0369IMG_0362 There was an arrangement of refreshment/ice-creams and lunch during and between the tournament for the participants along with the audience.IMG_0386

Each team played with full enthusiasm and a willingness to qualify for the finals but the ones who performed their best to qualify were Mirpurkhas and Karachi DWA , Mirpurkhas defeated Karachi DWA and won the tournament with a very little margin of score. Multan and Karachi ARCP stood the second runner-ups.

Guests from corporate/public/private sectors were present there at the Final matches to support the teams and acknowledge their efforts.IMG_0299

The closing ceremony was held at 6 30pm and trophies, medals, cash prizes and certificates were distributed among the players by the CEO of UBL FundsIMG_0415IMG_0417IMG_0426IMG_0479IMG_0486

After a break of few hours at 9 30 pm our Musical event started which we organized for the entertainment of the guest teams at the Swimming pool lawn KMC Complex, there were special performance by PWDs from various part of Pakistan and well known bands of Karachi . There was a special arrangement for dinner for everybody present at the musical night.IMG_0662

The musical night was managed successfully by Hamza Ali – creative head of Estanara Group and progressive efforts of M. Afzal Uddin- Director Estanara Group is highly appreciable for both of the events.IMG_0598IMG_0620

IMG_0575IMG_0574IMG_0543IMG_0501 Shariq Ahmed Siddiqui -Secretary Social Welfare, Anwar Ahmed –District officer Social welfare, M. Mobin Uddin and the representatives from corporate sector were present at the musical to watch the PWDs getting entertained. It turned out to be a refreshing day for all, such events are really important for the empowerment of PWDs and for the acknowledgement of their efforts.IMG_0503IMG_0676

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