It’s really so nice to see the efforts by Estanara Group for bringing up events to empower the persons with disabilities of Pakistan. Recently they organized a Wheel Chair Cricket Tournament and a musical night at KMC Sports complex, Karachi.

Their efforts are highly appreciable, the way they organized the events and their hostility for the guest teams are remarkable. I bet that anyone can surely judge the level of excitement and joy among the pwds at the event as the arrangements to facilitate them were so full proof.  There were about 8 teams in the cricket tournament from various cities of Pakistan representing their organizations invited to participate, the best performers qualified to the final matches and took their trophies home.

It was still not over, after the tournament there was a special arrangement of musical night and dinner for everyone present at the venue.

The presence of the Secretary Social Welfare, District officer, Director Admin KMC and representatives from corporate sector really added stars to this special day.

I just hope in future there are more such events to provide a platform to the PWDs to get themselves acknowledged and develop confidence.

By: Bilal Ahmed (Director News)

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