Each year since 1976, a variety of events are held in many countries. 3rd Dec The international day of Persons with disabilities is used for holding discussions, forums and campaigns relating to disability, and communities are encouraged to organize meeting, talks, and even performances in their local areas. These can range from hosting a musical to a play, with disabled people being involved in these productions. The overall aim is to show non-disabled people that a person with a disability can be a vibrant member of society, as it happens that the entirely healthy are not always quite aware of this fact, which can lead to different kinds of discrimination of varying degrees of severity. The disabled, on the other hand, benefit from such performances by proving to themselves that there are many things they can still do, despite their conditions, which can help with their self-esteem and avoid mental issues such as depression from plaguing them. In general, these kinds of events are meant to challenge and they get rid of various stereotypes so that disabled people can enjoy lives free of discrimination and additional hardship.

Each year the day is celebrated, there is an emphasis on a new aspect related to improving the lives of people living with a disability. PDPI/Estanara group will also be celebrating this will full enthusiasm like every year.

By: Muhammad Afzal Uddin (Editor)

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