People with Disabilities are Bangladesh’s Assets, says Sheikh Hasina

People with disabilities are Bangladesh’s assets, says Sheikh HasinaSheikh Hasina has urged the affluent sections of society to come to the assistance of Bangladesh’s physically and mentally challenged population.

 The prime minister reminded everyone that the disabled “are not a social liability”.

“They are very much part of society. We have to be sympathetic towards them and assist them,” she said on the 24th International Day of Persons with Disabilities and National Disability Day-2015 in Dhaka on Thursday.

An estimated 1.48 million persons in Bangladesh are living with disabilities.

Prime Minister Hasina said the monthly allowance of Tk 500 each for 600,000 persons with disabilities would be raised.

“The government is also giving stipends to about 60,000 students with disabilities,” she added.

She inaugurated a mobile therapy van service for physically and mentally challenged people.

The prime minister laid stress on private and public initiatives for ensuring the welfare of people with disabilities.

“Persons with disabilities are not burdens,” the prime minister reiterated. “They are the country’s assets.”

By:  Senior Correspondent,

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