Zamir Dhale Deaf, Blind and Speech Impaired, but an Expert

INDORE: A 40-year-old man has found his own set of expertise to beat disability and become first among equals. Zamir Dhale, who is deaf, blind and speech-impaired, addressed students of Indore Deaf Bilingual Academy on Saturday where apart from sharing his story, encouraged them to convert their disabilities into special abilities and carve a niche for themselves.

36_Monica Punjabi, Atiya Sayeed Hajee & Zamir Dhale
Zamir is SSC pass and well-versed in computer theory and disability laws and rights. “I surf the internet and that’s my only link with the world,” he said. Zamir is senior advocacy officer, Sense International (India).

He uses his Braille machine to understand the written word and is active on social networking platforms as well. Addressing gatherings at various world forums, including UNCRPD, Zamir visited various countries, including Mexico, US, UK, Holland and Nepal to create awareness on disability.

Deaf by birth and losing vision at age of nine, Zamir hails from Nasik and is working as a consultant. He is proficient in tactile signing language and can communicate easily.

H3-ZamirDhale2With his deaf friend and interpreter, Sadik Pathan, he guessed currency notes during his interaction with kids and also informed about how he performs his daily activities like cooking and washing through smell, memory and feel. “I understand things by touch, smell and memory and react accordingly,” he said.

From a struggling student to being a teacher to Amitabh Bachchhan in one of his films, Zamir, has peaked success.

news4Satisfied with rights received on education grants, health and scholarships for deaf children, Zamir said more needs to be done for the deaf & blind by the government.

By: Ragini Bafna |

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