Unfortunately, Pakistan is still a country where cakes are only the Birthday cakes. While we can see a lot of places in Pakistan getting accessible for Persons with disabilities, but the accessibility criteria remained outdated and very limited. Places which claims to be friendly for pwds are actually just for a limited people who are having a special disability, or they still requires assistance to the individuals with their mobility.

12552792_10153178096611890_33519579529951435_nI was really excited to in a live game show – Jeeto Pakistan at ARY TV media channel, after I received the passes for me and my family to participate in this inclusive show. But all my excitement was ruined when I when there to participate along my family and I was not allowed to enter the set with my Wheelchair, for me it was like they have asked me to leave my legs outside and enter their set.

I requested them and the management to allow me as it’s my basic mobility requirement to move, and all remain unheard and unnoticed whereas me stood aside and thinking how to protest for my rights. I was standing outside while my family members went inside and participated in the show.

I would like to request their management to equip their sets in a way where they can manage to provide an accessible environment to all the pwds citizens, and this would be an exemplary show for an inclusive environment. I hope they are going to consider my request and think positively towards this development as soon as possible.

By: M. Mobin Uddin (Chief Editor)

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