Are You Listening Mr Zuckerberg? India Just Launched a Rs 200 crore Fund to Make Internet More Accessible to ‘Disabled’ India

Are you listening Mr ZuckerbergThe Government just announced a Rs 200 crore fund to increase India’s digital footprint.

“50% of India’s 100 million persons with disability are under the age of 30,” said Shilpi Kapoor, the managing director of Barrierbreak, a company that works in the area of accessibility and assistive technology at Techshare India. “For start-ups in the technology space, there is a commercial opportunity of Rs 4500 crore, waiting to be tapped, across product categories for PWDs who have visual impairment, low vision, hearing impairment, physical disability/motor disability, learning disability, speech impairment in today’s technology age, and with campaigns like Digital India, Made in India & Smart Cities, people with disabilities cannot be forgotten.”

BarrierBreak also launched the first ever news portal for persons with disability, NewzHook. Most news portals and mobile apps are inaccessible to people with disabilities and the elderly and NewzHook aims to provide simple and accurate news that matters to every one of us, but differently.

Techshare aims to increase digital inclusion in the country.

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