Working Group: Poll Body Embraces Gender Reforms

Working group Poll body embraces gender reformsPHOTO: AFP

ISLAMABAD: Chief Election Commissioner Sardar Raza Khan inaugurated on Tuesday a first-ever Gender and Disability Electoral Working Group (GDEWG) section at the Election Commission Secretariat.

The move will help enhance participation of women in the electoral process as voters, candidates, electoral administrators and observers.

Initially, GDEWG will be a one-year initiative which will work as a platform for gender reforms in electoral processes in 2016 wherein ECP will be working with the ministry of human rights, ministry of law & justice, Planning & Development Division, UNDP, IFES, DRI, ROZAN, RSPN, Oxfam G.B, Insan Foundation, Action Aid, Care International and Aurat Foundation.

This working group will also strive for the increased participation of the disabled persons of society into the electoral process by facilitating them in their registration as voters and casting of votes during elections.

On the occasion, the CEC highlighted the importance of inclusion of marginalised segments of society in the electoral process and said that ECP is committed to achieving the goal of gender equality in general elections 2018 in line with the Constitution of Pakistan, international human rights standards and best practices reflected in various international conventions and treaties.

By: Our Correspondent

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