Press Conference Held by PWDs in Karachi on Conditions of Accessibility in the Province and also Recorded a Protest Over the Present Situation.

IMG_2286On 27 of Feb, persons with disabilities specifically Pakistan Helpline Welfare Organization, PAB- Pakistan Association for Blind , ARCP- Association for the Rehabilitation for Challenging Peoples (Estanara Group) were gathered at Karachi press Club to record their protest over the shameful conditions of accessibility for pwds in Sindh and specifically in Karachi.

Disability Right activists and representatives from various organizations working for the rights of pwds were present in the conference to hold a strength of unity.  The participants raised up their voice and requested the media to highlight their issues so that it’s considered by the higher authorities. The main points they spoked for were:


  • Including Disability Column in Census Form 2016 (Pakistan)
  • Need of Inclusive System of Education
  • Need for inclusive Environment at workplace
  • Jobs for persons with disabilities
  • Need for an Inclusive infrastructure in the City, providing an accessible environment for pwds in public places.

IMG_2300 M. Mobin Uddin , the President of Pakistan Disabled People’s International (PDPI) was also present there to highlight the importance of Accessible Environment, he also emphasized up on the importance of Census in Pakistan. As unfortunately there are no proper statics of the citizens with disability in Pakistan which itself is a barrier for policy makers to construct reforms for the pwds in Pakistan. His point was highly appreciated by the audience.


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