People and children with disabilities face many hardships, not all of them as a result of their disability. Social ostracization as a result of stigmatization is one of them. They are excluded from social, economic and political decision-making. Focusing attention on the life chances of persons with disabilities translating the notion of inclusive development into ground reality is a dire need in face of various challenges. Raising awareness amongst the people, media, government and nongovernment organizations, as well as academic and other sectors of the society is a way forward.

Inclusion in education process or Inclusive education is “the process of increasing the participation of students in, and reducing their exclusion from, the cultures, curricula and communities of local schools”. This clearly focuses on all children who are excluded for whatever reason, disability being one of these reasons. Experience from the countries who have adopted IE has shown that it benefits all children, Academically as well as Socially, because children learn to be more tolerant and accept each others’ differences and develop a cooperative spirit.

IE reduces segregation and isolation of children and families, giving a chance to implement the right to all to education. Rehabilitation with equipment, improved access and attitudinal change in the society will pave the way for an Inclusive society with opportunities to reach their potential for ALL.

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