Against All Odds

When sisters Narayani and Sunita Dawadi (pictured above) both blind since birth, started working as telephone operators at Tribhuvan International Airport, co-workers scoffed. “They thought we were a burden to them and I was determined to prove myself,” recalled Narayani.

Both studied at the Purvanchal School for the Blind in Dharan and Laboratory School in Kirtipur. Narayani has completed her Masters from Dilli Bazar Kanya Campus, while Sunita’s thesis is underway.

“Education has played a vital role in our lives. Without education, I would not be able to talk to you or would not know what is going on,” said Narayani, who is disappointed about the lack of books in Braille and help in sitting for exams.

However, their conviction and will to become self-reliant have seen them through the challenges and brought them to where they are today. And the sisters’ co-workers have changed their mind about them weighting down the office. Eight more jobs openings for the blind have been announced at the airport after management saw their performance.

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