“Effective Communication” Workshop organized for people with disabilities

Posted by: Sagar Prasai

National Federation of the disabled, Nepal (NFDN), organized a skill development workshop on Jan 27, 2015 for people with disabilities. This workshop was organized with the support of Australian Aid and was an activity of Direct Aid Program 2014-15 of Australian Embassy.The workshop helped people with different kind of disabilities to write effective resumes and coverletters while applying for jobs. Effective public speaking was also discussed on the program. Altogether 50 people with disabilities participated as learners in the program.05

Picture Caption: Picture of Effective Communication Workshop where trainer Mr. Pankaj Pradhananga is his leading a session on Public Speaking.

The program was divided in two parts. In the first part, a session on Public Speaking was conducted. The trainer of the session was Mr. Pankaj Pradhananga, Director of Operations of Four Seasons Travel and Tours. He is also a experienced trainer on public speaker and a senior member of Toastmaster Club.

Participant learnt various technique on written and oral skills of effective communication in this session. The session was interactive and comprised of a final group activity where the participants were divided in to small groups and asked to present in a some topic.

The second session of this workshop was on writing effective resumes and cover letter. This session was led by Mr. Shreejan Kayestha. Mr. Kayestha is People’s, Organizational Development and Administration (PODA) Manager at WaterAid Nepal.

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