Guv Releases Visual Disability Resource Book

DEHRADUN: The Dehradun-headquartered National Institute for the Visually Handicapped (NIVH) after exhaustive research and inputs of various subject matter experts, has brought out a “visual disability resource book for teachers.”

The work provides information on various issues related to the visually challenged like identification and assessment of children with visual impairment, numbers and demographic characteristics of the visually impaired population in India as well as attitudinal factors and psychological implications of visual impairment.

It was released on Monday by Uttarakhand governor KK Paul who described it as “indispensable for all those professionals who are devoted to teaching visually challenged children as well as adults.”

The book also focuses on technological perspectives describing simple and advanced technologies used for reading, writing and education in subjects like maths and science as well as mobility devices and low vision aids. Basic features of various regional and international treaties, declarations and conventions concerning persons with disabilities, also find a place in this volume.

“I am sure that this book will prove very beneficial not only to teachers but also researchers, social activists and all those who are engaged in any manner with the visually impaired. There is no lack of talent, dedication and energy in the visually handicapped and with the efforts of the NIVH and cooperation from society, they can easily establish their excellence,” Paul said.

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