More Than 150 PWDs Enjoyed the Trip Over the Ferry Boat

Estanara Group organized a picnic for persons with disabilities on ferry boat, it’s itself a history now. First time ever in Pakistan about 150 pwds along with their families for assistance, regardless of their disability and genders were boarded on a ferry boat and took a trip in deep sea. It was also an educational trip and everybody got a great chance to experience the pleasure of boarding a ferry boat and to learn about Pakistan’s marine assets.

On Sunday afternoon, Pwds from different parts of Sindh gathered at KPT and waited for the management of Estanara Group to let them board on the Ferry. M. Mobin Uddin CEO of Estanara Group and his team was ready there with all the arrangements regarding the picnic.IMG_3393

At 3 p.m the management started to move the participants over the Ferry with the help of their energetic volunteer and assistants who came along the pwds. As it was the very first time, so it was obvious that there was no accessibility available for their shifting or inside the Ferry boat but somehow they really manage to transfer all of them.

IMG_3285Before the journey started, captain and M. Mobin Uddin surveyed all the three floors and inquired every participant regarding the arrangements, comfort level and their safety parameters.

During the journey of 3 hours, there was a nice arrangement of food and drinks along with a musical performance by “Arsh Together”- an inclusive musical band of Pwds, their performance added a spell to the trip and made the journey more delighted.

IMG_3285As it was advised earlier by the higher official of KPT that the Ferry Boat has to return before the sunset so that the participants can be transferred back easily in maximum light available, so the Ferry returned at 7 safely.

It was again a very tough job to transfer the pwds back to the dock but the management really performed their job very well. Though it was really a hectic to carry them along their wheelchairs.

This is an exemplary step taken by Estanara group to organize such an event for the pwds, to provide them an opportunity to experience the pleasure of picnic over the sea and on a ferry boat. There were many pwds, who experience the Sea for the very first time. I will congratulate Estanara Group and KPT for taking such initiate and making it a successful one. Such efforts are very motivating for the pwds to offer them self-acknowledgment and are helpful for developing a spirit of equality in the society.

I hope we will see much more events like this in the future for the empowerment of Pwds.

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