First Performance of “Arsh Together”

Arsh Together

Inclusive musical group for all persons with disabilities.

Estanara Group’s initiation for the empowerment of Differently Abled.

The term disability relates itself to any kind of limitation within the activity capacity of an individual. Being disabled in some way is not greater than or less than equal to the term unable to do something.  Disability within an individual is a complex situation as it may be present from birth or have been acquired though the life span of a person living in conditions- both mental and environmental that are not suitable.

However, as the rise of individualism brought out the best in each, respective of what they were best at, we gathered a group of people who have taken disability within their stride and contributed to the world of music in ways which awe mankind. Take it from the Past and the Present, irrespective of their disabilities they made it Big.

Everyone has a talent and that is certainly the case with people who have a disability. If you don’t believe it you may want to check out “Arsh For All” amazing bands who not only play wonderful music but also spread the message of music inclusion.

ARSH Together 08 Arsh Together performed the very first time and it was over the Ferry Boat, actually it’s a history itself as a picnic was arranged for more than 150 pwds along their Families on a Ferry Boat and Arsh Together gave a wonderful performance among that energetic crowd.

It was a very pleasant weather on Sunday afternoon, and their performance was announced among the crowd, this really doubled the happiness there.ARSH Together 01

ARSH Together 02 Ilma Rauf (Visually Impaired) , Nadeem Khokar (Visually Impaired), Hamza  Ali , Faryal Hamza and Umair Khan gave an excellent performance, there melodious voice and the music turned on the real entertainment over the ferry boat. As if the tides started enjoying the beats, it was an ideal launch of their band creating a path and making trends for pwds.ARSH Together 05

ARSH Together 04 Every body enjoyed their performances and greeted them with their hearts all the best in future.ARSH Together 06 ARSH Together 03 ARSH Together 07 I wish Arsh Together a very good luck in the future, and I really want their cause to spread all around the world.

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