In Pakistan, the issue of disability has remained neglected and ignored from all aspects which includes administrative, financial and legal. Persons with disabilities (PWDs) are the most marginalized because they are ‘unseen, unheard and uncounted’ in the country.[1] There are no serious attempts by the government to conduct a comprehensive survey to assess the problems of persons with disabilities. In the absence of data, it is difficult to gauge and understanding the scale and magnitude of problems being faced by women, children and religious minorities.

Understanding situation of women, children and minorities with disabilities is extremely important because these categories of PWDs are the lowest ebb of social, economic and cultural marginality. Generally in Pakistani society, women, children and minority groups are suppressed and oppressed. They cannot speak for their rights and not even resist against sexual, physical and psychological abuse and exploitation.

In such awful conditions a picnic for them can be a ray of hope for them to survive, to fight for their rights, to get motivated and to experience the world in a different way.

Estanara group recently took an initiate to promote tourism among the persons with disabilities and organized a picnic for more than 150 Pwds over a ferry boat.

I want you all to read the report and know more about it.


By: M. Afzal Uddin (Editor)

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