Visually Impaired Demand More Braille Books on Law

Manusher Jonno Foundation Executive Director Shaheen Anam hands over Braille editions of 13 laws and policies on the rights of citizens, including those suffering from visual impairment, at a programme organised by the foundation in the capital’s Jatiya Press Club yesterday. Photo: Star

People of all strata of life should extend their cooperation to the people with disabilities for ensuring their access to all social and government services, said discussants at a function yesterday.

They are deprived of equal rights and facilities. So, changing of public mindset is very crucial for establishing rights of physically challenged people, said rights activists and government officials.

They were speaking at the distribution ceremony of the books on 13 laws and policies of the government in Braille versions among the visually impaired people at the capital’s Jatiya Press Club yesterday.

Manusher Jonno Foundation, which works for promoting human rights and good governance, prepared the Braille version of the books and also distributed those to five organisations that work for visually impaired people.

The organisations are –Dhaka University, Bangladesh Visually Impaired People’s Society (BVIPS), Women with Disabilities Development Foundation (WDDF), Disabled Welfare Society and National Forum of Organisations Working with the Disabled (NFOWD).

Social Welfare Additional Secretary Khandoker Atiar Rohman said the Braille versions will help the visually impaired people to know about their rights.

The government may update the Rights and Protection of Persons with Disability Act, if necessary, to guarantee their rights further, he said.

Manusher Jonno Foundation Executive Director Shaheen Anam said, “People with disabilities stumble in their life due to lack of equal opportunities and poor access to social services. But we want every person to get equal opportunity and enjoy equal rights.”

“The Braille version of laws and policies will empower them,” she viewed.

A visually impaired woman Nazma Ara Begum Popy, also joint coordinator of National Disability Forum, demanded that all the laws and policies of the government should be printed in Braille version.

Harun-or-Rashid, another visually impaired person, demanded that the government should take necessary steps to make the information and technology related facilities more easily accessible for them.

BVIPS President Saidul Huq chaired the ceremony, attended by representatives of different organisations working for people with disabilities.

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