Disabled American-Pakistani Student Bullied into Confessing He is a Terrorist

A 12-year-old middle school student of Pakistani origin was forced by a New York school administration to admit that he is a ‘terrorist’. The incident took place a few weeks back and now the family of the boy is filing a lawsuit against the school to claim damages.

Nashwan Uppal is a US citizen of Pakistani origin and a Muslim by religion. He suffers from learning disabilities due to which he was forced by fellow students and the officials at the school to admit that he was a terrorist, whereas in reality, there was no such thing.

According to the details of the incident provided, Nashwan was teased regularly by his fellow seventh graders for having learning disabilities and for being a Muslim. In one episode, his fellow classmates at East Islip school in New York, wanted to know what he planned to ‘blow up’ next. Due to Nashwan’s learning disability, he did not understand the situation clearly and eventually responded that he would blow up the fence outside the school.

Upon hearing this, school officials yelled at Nashwan and forced him to admit that he was a member of the Islamic State militant group. He felt so pressured that eventually Nashwan signed a false confession, after which police was called and the seventh-grader’s belongings and house were searched.

Nashwan’s family claims in the lawsuit that they were emotionally tortured and their son was made to go through a horrendous experience of his life due to these false allegations. The family has claimed $50 million in the federal lawsuit.

A spokesman for the East Islip Union Free School District on Long Island declined to comment on pending litigation.

By: Fatima Arshad


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