It is really so refreshing to see an initiative by the “Diamonds” by diamonds I mean the toughest stone which is the hardest and toughest among all. It never breaks down though it can break apart many, a folk used this word referring to his fellow participants with SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) Forum at its first introductory meeting arranged by AKU (Agha University).img_0943

img_0953Estanara Group participated in this first meeting of SCI Forum to introduce itself and interact with the fellow members of the forum, Dr Ata from AKU arranged this session and also invited experts, physiotherapists and relevant specialists to be a part and provide them consultation.

img_0949 img_0959All the participants in meeting were excited to share their experiences and the barriers they have faced to achieve the goal in their lives. The meeting started with a round table interactive session, later Dr Ata took his opportunity to share some motivational words. He also promised a complete support of his team on behalf of AKU, which is itself a great effort that can help this forum to grow further.

img_0992The efforts of AKU are really appreciable and we expect the same support in future so that more and more victims of SCI and be benefited.

By: M. Mobin Uddin (Chief Editor)

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