Family in Wheelchairs

Family in Wheelchairs  01

Having a mom in a wheelchair isn’t any different from having a mom that could walk. Even though your mom is in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you love her any less. It doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with her. You can do the same things with your mom in a wheelchair. Being in a wheelchair doesn’t make moms useless. It makes them stronger. When your mom is in the wheelchair the first year they go through a lot. Especially if they’re athletic and like going outside. The first year your mom is paralyzed there trying to deal with the fact they just lost the use of there legs. That’s where the kids and family come in. The kids and husbands need to help their mom and wife to get through it. Take her out, be with her, be around her, make her feel like nothing changed.

If your mom is in a wheelchair and they have a young son or daughter in elementary school and your mom is the class helper, don’t be upset if someone asks what happened to your mom. When I was younger my mom was the class helper and kids would ask me what happened to her. Also asking me how she drove her car. I wouldn’t like them asking because I thought they were making fun of her. However, one day I told my mom that kids ask me what happened to her and she said well what did you say. I said nothing because I got upset kids were asking what happened to you. My mom sat me down and talked to me. She said Sydney it’s okay to tell people what happened to me, there just curious to know why i’m in a wheelchair. My mom told me that my teacher and her were planning to take the class out in her car to show everyone how she drove her car. When I went back to school Monday morning everyone came outside and came in the car. Everyone was interested in the car and my mom showed everyone how she transfers into her seat. After everyone was done looking in the car and coming in to see someone asked me again what happened to my mom. I said she was in a car accident. Then I realized that they weren’t making fun of her. My mom was right. They just wanted to know what happened. Till that day in kindergarden I had no problem telling anyone about my moms story of her being in a wheelchair. Don’t be scared to say what happened. They’re not making fun of her, kids are just curious just like we all were when we were all younger.

When your family and you go out to dinner or anywhere. People might stare at your mom and you, however, don’t let it bother you. That doesn’t mean anything they just look because they probably think it’s cool. Many people might come up to your mom and ask what happened but just like I said before don’t let it bother you. Your mom doesn’t care if people come up to her. She would be happy to tell her story and show off her wheelchair. When people get paralyzed they still go out. If people don’t want to go out then take them somewhere private just the family. Spend time with them and tell them it’s not different you’re still the same person. Nothing has changed. You’re still you.

Having a family member in a wheelchair doesn’t make anything different. The next time you see someone in a wheelchair talk to them. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone who has wheels instead of legs. I promise you they will appreciate you talking to them and asking them things.

Family in Wheelchairs  02

Sydney Faith Barton

13 years Old.


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