I want to start with expressing my deep sorrow and grief over the loss of precious human lives and property caused by a disastrous earthquake in Nepal and eastern India on behalf of PDPI and Estanara Group and also want to assure that we are standing with them in this time of pain with all our support.

This is really surprising that more than 10% of the population of Pakistan (Persons with disabilities) has rarely an access to the public places, parks, Religious Places like mosques, churches and temples. The policies which are made for the persons with disabilities are hardly seen to be implemented. So it’s not wrong to say, that we are really missing out a big population to contribute in the development of our country. Government institutions in Sindh have 42,000 job openings for disabled people but their implementation in most departments falls terribly short. Neither do these institutions employ physically challenged people nor do they alter their infrastructure to ease access for them. Under government regulations, every commercial or office building should have basic accessibility features for physically challenged people to obtain a completion certificate, but most of the buildings violate these regulations. There are tons of things to be listed to highlight the disability of policymaking and its implementation which you are going to find ahead on the article publish in this issue of our newsletter.

The matter of everybody’s concern should be the inaccessible premises of mosques, churches, temples and other religious and sacred places around the city. This is something which the higher authorities should really be ashamed of, as many of times they have to been written to bring this matter under their consideration but this seems to be unbothered yet.

We can only wait for them to think about this largest minority of the country to be facilitated so that they can also contribute in the development of this country.

By: M. Mobin Uddin (Chief Editor)


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