The fertile land of Pakistan has been endowed with resources and beauty rarely seen elsewhere. However, a nation does not become great based up on its resources alone, it is the passion and toil of its people which accomplish this task.

Pakistan too is fortunate to have such human beings, who by the virtue of their sheer determination have made the country proud.

Body Builder Naveed Ahmed Butt is one of those people who have made the country proud. Despite being affected with polio, Butt won the Natural Musclemania title in America, on Sunday.

Pakistan is full of talented body builders but no one takes step to improve their skills, local media quoted Naveed Butt as saying. However, he stated that he is both eager and energetic to win more titles for his country despite the physical disability.

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, taking notice of Naveed’s achievement, congratulated the Pakistani on winning the competition of Natural Mr Olympia in America.

Shahbaz said the nation was proud of the talented youth like Naveed Ahmed Butt.

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