Physically Challenged: Photo exhibition Takes on Myths (Pakistan)

A photo exhibition showcased stories of physically challenged people from Pakistan and around South Asia on Monday.

The event was organised by the Australian High Commission, together with Pakistan’s National Forum of Women with Disability and CBM Australia. Physically challenged people shared their experiences of living with disability, including the challenges they face, and explored new opportunities for encouraging disability-inclusive development.

Australian High Commissioner Margaret Adamson said that the global day for the physically challenged was to celebrate the many contributions they make to communities.

“Celebrating this day challenges myths, builds awareness and pushes for action to improve inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities worldwide.  Australia’s approach to disability inclusive development highlights the importance of respecting the dignity and human rights of people with disabilities and actively involving them across all sectors of our societies,” Adamson said.

The theme for 2016 IDPWD, “achieving 17 goals for the future we want”, draws attention to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Abia Akram, CEO of the National Forum of Women with Disabilities, said that it was important that organisations representing the physically challenged “take a leadership role in discussions and decisions about what should be studied and what information needs to be prioritised.

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