We are living up in 2017, where rocket science is even not considered any rocket science. Things are moving ahead in a direction where people are almost getting dependent on Technology in general, but unfortunately the person with disabilities are not really counted among this “general” the way it really has to be.

Pakistan is counted among developing countries, and as the developing countries are mostly engaged in all the discrimination when it comes to the human rights. We are moving to the world of IT and artificial intelligence but we do still far away when it comes to accessibility. Specifically in Pakistan the word accessibility is rare for all the citizens of all the classes. So the supportive technology is still out reach for more 15% percent (PWDs).

Estanara Group is striving in this way from decades to educate the community about their rights and bring awareness in the masses about the International accessibility Standards. This years this group has planned various initiatives to be launched nationwide, we look forward for your Idea’s in this regard.

In this regard we will be waiting to see your responses through E-mail, we will be glad to entertain any type of Idea which you can ever think about for this purpose.


By: Bilal Ahmed (Director News)

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