This January with high hopes and expectations for the development and sustainability of our mission we have started our E-newsletter, which is going to represent and also going to create awareness, keeping the readers updated with all the weekly news related to PWDs, NGOs, DPOs, Institutions and organizations supporting disability movement in the South Asian region.

I am really glad to announce that it’s the first ever e-newsletter of South Asian region which is going to highlight the issues of PWDs, the news regarding their developments and updates for DPI Network. This is all made possible with a powerful support of Estanara Group and their highly experienced team.

The year 2014 ended with the celebrations of International Day for Persons with Disabilities and it continued until January 2015 with the same enthusiasm in almost every part of the world, here you are going to come across a very innovative style of newsletter as its going to highlight the Unseen, Unheard and Uncounted ones with a special edition every month which is going to cover an Inspirational personality with disability and how is he/she living a successful life.

M.Afzal Uddin


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