Meeting with Dr. A. Vohra (Deputy Mayor, Karachi)

M.Mobin Uddin– CEO Estanara Group/President of DPI- Pakistan had a meeting with  Dr. Arshad A Vohra the Deputy Mayor of Karachi.

It was to brief him about efforts of Estanara Group and the Network of DPI Pakistan and how they are striving to make Pakistan a friendly country for PWDs, during the discussion M. Mobin Uddin also informed him about the ongoing projects of his group.

Dr. A Vohra was keen to listen all and he also appreciated the hard work for this cause, he admitted that we are lacking with resources and support from the State. But he is willing to contribute in whatever way he can, he also appreciated the only Magazine in Pakistan which is spreading awareness about disabilities.

He had promised to put forward his efforts over accessibility and inclusive education in the city.

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