In a country like Pakistan where there is severe discrimination and stigma attached with disability, properly planned social protection measures are mandatory to reduce exclusion and vulnerability. Following all these national and international agreements, it is now very important for the government to undertake concrete initiatives focusing on the wellbeing of persons with disabilities. Moreover, to ensure no one is left behind in the traditional welfare approach, the government of Pakistan needs to adopt advanced social protection measures and make necessary legislative and administrative reforms for this purpose

The importance of mainstreaming disability into the social protection can never be emphasized enough to reduce poverty and exclusion prevalent among persons with disabilities in Pakistan. Social protection measures can contribute to overcome discriminatory barriers by providing additional support that incur by reason of a disability.

There is additional responsibility for the government to provide basic social security to all types of persons with disabilities and work towards reducing vulnerability by enabling greater participation through specific integrated interventions.

By: M. Afzal Uddin (Editor)

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