Editorial (Condolence to Munna Bhai!)

Munna bhai who was ultimately a living soul, an institution in itself and a vision to disability movement in Pakistan had left us this week. This is a huge loss to the disability movement of Pakistan and specially Karachi. He was a real life example for many who had isolated them and their thoughts to their homes after facing any impairment, he had proven by his activism towards his social causes that a person can do a lot of things with the right approach and true willingness to break all the barriers and illusions which are present in society for persons with disabilities.


Noorudin.S.Bhamani (Disabilities Rights Activist) 53yrs and has MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY (1 in every 2 Million) diagnosed since the last 39yrs, and totally confined to bed since the last 15yrs, He uses a mobile stretcher for mobility and ambulance provided by for transportation. He worked towards the integration of deprived Persons with Disabilities of the society into Mainstream Society. Through programs that encompass Rehabilitation, Employment, Training, Education, Self-Employment through Micro Finance, Consultation and Assessment in Assistive Technology, Equality, Social Inclusion, and Social Service Support, with a Right Based Approach. He works in partnership with diverse section of the Society, Social Supporters and NGO’s to maximize the potential of the deprived section of the society and to help them to be self-reliant and independent. He and his team of ‘Community Service Volunteers’ create Awareness about Human Development & Empowerment of the Deprived Section within the society and promote volunteerism in serving humanity. 10527884_10203494538617788_7252046315680899029_nHis primary objective is to change peoples’ outlook towards the deprived section of the society and to bring about a positive mind-set and a sphere of mutual understanding among the general public and ignite a surge of inclination of moral obligation towards the Human Development & Empowerment of the Deprived Section within the society.

Nooruddin S. Bhamani was suffering from progressive muscular dystrophy, which makes his body movement practically impossible, apart from a finger or two of one hand and his facial muscles, agreed with Ahmed. Mr Bhamani heads an NGO which fights for the rights of people with disabilities.

He said that people’s overall reaction to the disabled also makes them isolated. “People will refer to a visually impaired person as andha. And the person’s wife will be called andhey ki biwi,” said Bhamani. He suggested that it would be better to call a person by their first name instead of making their disability a name tag.

I have never seen a person like him ever in my whole life, he taught us the real meaning of life by being so much committed to his every day activist approach of life and now we are feeling his absence in a way which really can’t be described in words.

Estanara Group with a group of DPOs are arranging an event to give a tribute to Munna bhai and her deserving wife this Friday, I personally invite everyone who share the same school of thoughts like us to join us.

By: Muhammad Mobin Uddin (Chief Editor)

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