Very Urgent Appeal of NFDN about inclusion of PWD in Post Disaster Responses

NFDN about inclusion of PWD 01People with disabilities are in increased risk during and after all kinds of disasters. Therefore it is very essential to take their special needs as first priority during relief distribution and rehabilitation works. So, every stakeholder engaged in emergency response should be careful on the following points from the perspective of disability and other vulnerable groups.

  1. While distributing relief materials at some particular place, first the number of people with disabilities living there must be inquired. This information may be found at certain village by coordinating with Ward Citizen Forum or representatives of organization working in the disability sector, DPOs or Women and Children Office.
  2. The place chosen to distribute relief materials must be accessible for people with disabilities so that they could easily participate.
  3. Uncontrolled crowed and unorganized distribution of relief materials should be discouraged at the distribution center. To make sure that, the persons with disabilities are not left behind from getting the relief, they or their family members presented should be given first priority.
  4. The temporary shelters being built for the earthquake victims should be made in such a way that it is accessible for people with disabilities. Also the temporary toilet must be made disabled friendly as far as possible.
  5. Persons with severe disability need continuous support and care from their family members so that they may not be able to go to the take the relief materials and every time they may not able to get other’s help. Thus, it is very important to identify such people and make arrangements to distribute relief at their own home.
  6. A special care must be given to those children who have lost their parents in the earthquake. A place for them to stay safely without fear must be provided.
  7. Special care should be given to children and women with disabilities to protect them from sexual and other types of abuse while staying in temporary shelters and groups.
  8. Many people with disabilities have lost their assistive devices like wheelchair, crutches, white canes and hearing aids etc. Thus these items should also be included in relief packages.
  9. People with spinal cord injuries need catheter and diaper and women need items like sanitary pad. Thus these items should also be included in relief and support programs.
  10. Many people with disabilities are deprived of essential regular medication because of earthquake. Thus, people, who need regular medication, should be identified and the required essential medicines should be supplied.
  11. Children with intellectual disability and autism and also people with psycho-social disability who only wants to live with their parents or guardians might find it very difficult, uncomfortable or disturbing to stay in big groups in shelters. Thus a proper care must be given to such special children/people so that they could stay only with their family even in the shelter area.
  12. Support services or attendant should be provided to People with severe disability who need support to sit, sleep and to do other daily activities.
  13. Sign language interpreter should be available while distributing relief materials and providing other support to Deaf persons,
  14. All rehabilitation programs should be inclusive from disability perspective. Similarly Active participation of People with disabilities or their representative
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